With spider-like abilities and clever science, Peter Parker transforms into Spider-Man, dresses like a champion of the innocent, lives, and fights “With great strength to play great responsibility!” Fight with your wisdom.

Puny Parker

A kind man in high school, Peter Parker falls into a world beyond his expectations, passionate about research, set in his own way to avoid the teasing and bullying of his classmates. While visiting a public exhibit showcasing new developments in electrical and genetic engineering, Parker sees an ordinary house spider exposed to fireflies. Lightning struck and he felt suddenly uncomfortable, not knowing what would happen in the next few hours. His life will change a lot…

The young man did not think about his journey as he walked home, jumped on the wall of the nearby house, and saw that his hands and feet were able to hold on. Quickly realizing that the spider has acquired his abilities, he sets out to test his new abilities and marvels at their breadth and depth of them.

Parker tests his spider skills in the ring of a local tournament and wears a mask to disguise himself, easily defeating the defending champion. An orphaned, Parker lives with Aunt May and Uncle Ben and fears the public scrutiny that will surely follow if he reveals his powers to the world. his true self to hide. He also designed and built two wrist-worn “web launchers” to simulate spiders’ web-spinning abilities, and thanks to them, he quickly became a television personality. Now with the money to care for his parents and fascinated by the students who would heal Peter Parker’s debilitating wounds, the young man began to suspect everything but his job as an inspector.

Everything changes when Spider-Man shows up instead of intervening when Parker selfishly lets a thief escape police custody. Later, when he returned home, he learned that his uncle Ben had died at the hands of the thief, and he immediately felt the weight of pride on his shoulders. Vowing never to use his powers for his own benefit again, he tracked down his uncle’s killer to become Spider-Man and bring him to justice. He has since stopped taking pictures of the media star and has spread the net to catch all kinds of crimes.

 Super Strength 

Like its namesake Spider-Man, the has above-average human strength and strength, allowing him to lift around 10 tons and jump and move with speed and speed.

It also recovers faster than normal when injured, although it is vulnerable to viruses and other human diseases.

The inner “spider-sense” makes him more aware of the dangers that may arise, not only assessing the threat to him but also assessing the overall direction he has reached. This, combined with his unique fighting abilities, gives Spider-Man an overall counter-logical advantage in his fights.

Spider-Man designs and manufactures many gadgets to help him fight crime, but his most famous invention is the web shooter. Wrapped around his wrist and used for the touchpad in his palm, the high-finger shooter is able to create a “strip” by absorbing the special fluid created by the protagonist, which, when exposed to air, differentiates energy from thicknesses.

“The pulling force of this substance changes each time the launcher is activated, but at its highest point, it can stop a large vehicle and hold many people for about two hours, after which the web begins to melt. In addition, Spider-Man, when placed on a person or object, the protagonist thinks of the spider. It carries a small “spider tracer” that emits a unique signal that will identify with it, allowing it to trace it back into its past.

To Squash a Spider

Spider-Man has one of the broadest and most unscrupulous parts of any superhero, including some of the world’s worst people among his foes and foes.

Many of Spider-Man’s enemies have extraordinary goals as ordinary people, using elements and tricks to elevate themselves above the ordinary people on the streets. Early in Peter Parker’s career, wealthy Norman Osborn attacked the young man, dressing up as his Goblin persona, teasing the spider with its eerie mechanisms and hidden Xia symbols, until his own instability brought him to the brink of failure. Sometimes he returns again and again, as if from death himself, and makes Parker’s life in every way either as himself or as a resurrection of the Green Goblin.

Osborn’s confrontation with Spider-Man is the most difficult conflict in the protagonist’s career; Replacing May Parker with an actor, accusing Peter of murder, trying to pick Spider-Man as his legacy, and Gwen Stella Tessie’s love was short-lived. After becoming the “best cop” of the US police, he changes his name to Goblin King and remembers the secret identity of his hated enemy.

When Spider-Man first believed he was dead, Osborn’s son Harry’s mental problems caused him to become a goblin and gain his father’s approval. Other villains—most notably the Goblin—followed the Green Goblin villain.

Assoc. Otto Octavius ​​assembles the dreaded Doctor Octopus after an accident, uniting a string of weak robots in the body of a nuclear scientist, making him sociopathic. Spider-Man has battled the eight-limbed villain multiple times, and like the Goblin before him, Octavius ​​has more than once fled to Earth – and his Spider-Man counterpart – to torment him once again. Octavian will make one last attempt to prolong his life by transferring his mind into Parker’s body, changing Spider-Man’s position in his own “superior” worldview.

One of the Creeper’s first foes, Chameleon uses his knowledge of secrecy and impersonation to make Spider-Man question the identity of everyone around him. Hunter Kraven takes the big game hunt to the extreme and turns Spider-Man’s life into a jungle of mystery and imagination, let alone great danger. Kraven also briefly eliminated his enemies but lost his own life at the end of the campaign.

Not all Spider-Man’s enemies are from this world. The Venom threat begins when an alien virus comes to Earth as a mutant Spider-Man on a planet far, far away.

“The symbiote” offered him the opportunity to destroy Spider-Man as his permanent host, but when Peter shrugged off his power, he switched to another human to free him from desire, even breaking up with himself, creating a new threat, especially himself… It’s a brutal murder.

Other great enemies Spider-Man has faced over the years include forgotten threats such as Vulture, Electro, Sandman, Rhino, Scorpion, Jinx, Shocker, and Lizard. Although Spider-Man managed to take them down a few times, they were all pretty good and they came back to fight him again.

The Web of Family

Relationships with family and friends help Spider-Man through trials and tribulations and keep him alive when things seem at their darkest.

The importance of Parker’s aunt, May Parker, in her life, cannot be underestimated. Raising his grandson after the death of his parents gave him a foundation of love and wisdom that remains with him today. May’s advanced age and poor health put pressure on Parker’s young life, but it also propelled her to success and often gave her the strength to fight it. Most importantly, the two survived the murder of May’s husband, Ben, together, and their relationship grew stronger.

Parker’s college girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, is also a source of support in his life. Peter and Gwen have a conflict – a truth he never learned about his secret identity as Spider-Man – but they also share a good relationship as Peter thinks he’s coming with him. His death at the goblin’s hand took a toll on him, but it also reminded him of the innocence of life and how easily it can be lost.

After Gwen’s death, Peter became close to his best friend, Mary Jane Watson, which eventually turned into a relationship. The two married, but after a period of happiness and anguish, Parker’s marriage was erased from history by the ruthless Mephisto, who gave the life of May Parker, who died for Peter and Mary Jane’s wedding, Exchange for Peter and Mary Jane.

But the young woman remains a good and powerful ally when Spider-Man needs her most.

In the superhero community, the web-slinger considers Fantastic Four’s Flame Man Johnny Storm as one of his best friends and frequent flyers. These two heroes have many adventures, and the arguments and insults between them have a deep bond and relationship. While Spider-Man is often seen as a troublemaker by other heroes in disguise, his collaboration with the Avengers at various points in his career has sometimes elevated his status in the eyes of others.

Although far from a friend, J.

Jonah Jameson, publisher of the New York Bugle Daily, was also an important person in Parker’s life. The young man worked for years as a horn photographer, capturing Jameson’s Spider-Man performances while also supporting the man’s campaign to remove the “guilt” of intruders from the city. He also came to respect Parker as a person, despite his unruly behavior that regularly resulted in his employees being kicked out of the office.

 Other key figures in Parker’s daily life include former high school bully-turned-trustee Flash Thompson, Jameson’s right-hand man at the Horns and Parker’s sponsor Robbie Robertson, hardcore reporter Ben Ulrich, Spider-Man’s friends, and a high school student. Miles Morales. Parker met the latter while in the parallel world destroyed by the living, but left Morales of Parker’s World to continue working as a costume, as he learned the rope from another costume, the first of which was the old spider.

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